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Claim a HP character

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All Members , Moderated

1. Each member of the community may claim ONE Harry Potter character.
2. All characters must have been mentioned in the Harry Potter series.
3. Characters may be chosen from the past, present, or future.
4. You must give a reason as to why you would like to claim a certain character. For those who want to know why, it's to promote discussion.
5. If a member leaves the community, the character they claimed is up for grabs.
6. Trading of characters is allowed, so long as I am notified by email, through msn, on my lj, or as a post in this community. Also, both members must give consent to the trade.
7. Once you've claimed a character, feel free to talk about anything and everything Harry Potter! ;)

Claims List (in alphabetical order of the first name)

Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody has been claimed by aquarii
Reason: Tough. Eccentric. Respectable and powerful Auror. Magical eye.
Amelie Vector has been claimed by kayley073192
Reason: Arithmancy teacher. Slytherin. Caring. Speaks many languages.
Angelina Johnson has been claimed by wicked_dreaming
Reason: Strong-willed. Doesn't take crap from anyone. Great Quidditch player.
Bill Weasley has been claimed by xavantina
Reason: Funny. Smart. Cool. Charming. Snappy dresser.
Blaise Zabini has been claimed by xanzpet
Reason: Almost nothing is known about him. Fanon gift from JK: he can be anything you want him to be.
Cedric Diggory has been claimed by __spiral
Reason: Smart. Talented. Brave. Caring. Kind. Hot.
Dean Thomas has been claimed by tinamuggi
Reason: Cool. Artistic. Stands by Harry, despite other's beliefs. Not afraid to give opinion.
Draco Malfoy has been claimed by shree72
Reason: Sexy. Amazing in general. Evil. Wants to make his father proud. Original. Born leader. Has his pride.
Gilderoy Lockhart has been claimed by heshootcocacola
Reason: Flamboyant jackass. Huge ego. Funniest DADA teacher thus far.
Fleur Delacour has been claimed by 100stars
Reason: No-nonsense attitude to hide insecurity. Complicated.
George Weasley has been claimed by neverxloveme
Reason: Hot. Hilarious. Redhead.
Ginny Weasley has been claimed by aloneallalong
Reason: Mischievous. Understanding. Talkative. Spunky.
Harry Potter has been claimed by jujufruit57
Reason: Brave. Smart. Talented. Totally awesome. Can do anything. Hot. Overcomes obstacles. Accomplishes things. Life is filled with challenges, emotional and physical pain. Gifted. Special. Goes through danger.
Hermione Granger has been claimed by veritaserum
Reason: "Cleverest witch of her age". Great best friend (to Harry and Ron). Gryffindor. Loyal. Stands up for what she believes in. Started S.P.E.W. Slapped Malfoy. Muggle-born.
James Potter has been claimed by rainysummer
Reason: Like Harry...not as Harry. Sweet. Arrogant.
Katie Bell has been claimed by pyratesss
Reason: Good at Quidditch. Pretty.
Lily Evans has been claimed by bohemian_pirate
Reason: Truly beautiful, inside and out. Brave. Loving. Gave up her life to save Harry. Married to James.
Lord Voldemort has been claimed by ringspells
Reason: Power. Lack of restricting morals.
Lucius Malfoy has been claimed by snapes_pet
Reason: Sexy. Pureblood. Slytherin. Sophisticated.
Luna Lovegood has been claimed by channybabbe
Reason: Mysterious. Doesn't follow the crowd. Stands up for beliefs. Tells the truth. Friends with Ginny.
Madam Rosmerta has been claimed by animal_angel
Reason: Owns Three Broomsticks. Can drink all day. Flirts. Makes Ron blush. Has an 'in' with people.
Marietta Edgecombe has been claimed by mauderaux_toxic
Reason: Curly, red hair.
Millicent Bulstrode has been claimed by gothic_lovely
Reason: Underappreciated. Cat owner. Female version of Crabbe and Goyle. Slytherin. Butch girls are sm3xy.
Minerva McGonagall has been claimed by crystallis_star
Reason: Fair. Good teacher. Animagus. Love to have her as a teacher.
Moaning Myrtle has been claimed by fais_doowop
Reason: Provides the most amusement in the boys' bathroom.
Oliver Wood has been claimed by dramapunk
Reason: Smart. Goes for what he wants. Darling.
Pansy Parkinson has been claimed by pansyparkinson7
Reason: Gives Slytherin more intelligence. Just as evil (if not more) than Draco.
Peter Pettigrew has been claimed by ghastly_raven
Reason: Real character with faults. Not typical evil character. Underrated (in fandom). ghastly_raven doesn't believe he is stupid and weak: Blew up 11 muggles, one street with one curse; fooled his friends and Dumbledore for a year and a half; faked his own death.
Regulus Black has been claimed by wilarin
Reason: More about him than what the books tell us. Left the Death Eaters. Rather die than stay with Death Eaters.
Rodolphus Lestrange has been claimed by clearobscurity
Reason: Deranged. Obsessed. Bloodthirsty. Pure evil. Fun to write. Closet metrosexual (?). Fun.
Seamus Finnigan has been claimed by rufusroxmysox
Reason: Funny. Underrated. Irish-ness.
Severus Snape has been claimed by sheepsaysmoo
Reason: Fascinating. Misunderstood. Nasty at times, but protective. Pretends he's cold-hearted. Dumbledore trusts/likes him.
Sirius Black has been claimed by twigsterltj
Reason: Strong despite all he's gone through. Great character.
Tom Riddle has been claimed by aysleygriffin
Reason: Evil. Hot. Clever. Slytherin. Mischievous.
Viktor Krum has been claimed by liewqi
Reason: Good Quidditch player, sweet to Hermione.
Zacharias Smith has been claimed by lucystoy
Reason: Broke the Hufflepuff stereotype. Questioned Harry. Admirable. Brave. Sarcastic. Witty. Pissed off the twins.

Thank you! ;)

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