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i was wondering since peacelove_death left the group if i could clame fred weasley when i first saw this group i was like aww man all the weasleys are takin then i saw her post that she was leaving and fred was up for grabs again

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Can I please claim Firenze?
Like me, he's an entirely different species :P. He has unusual beliefs, and will defy tradition for what he considers worth fighting for.
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Claiming a Wizard

Hi ^_^ I'm new with this, but I just couldn't pass up my chances to claim a pretty little ex-witch from the Harry Potter series.

I would like to claim Moaning Myrtle:
She has a great morbid sense of humor, her personality is great, I love how she moans all the time, yet one can see that she enjoys being a ghost since she can go anywhere. (she's sorta bipolar) Oh yeah, and because she cute too. Well 'I' think she is cute.
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Hey! I'm new.

So...I'd like to claim:

Gabrielle Delacour [[Fleur's younger sister]]

Reason: Sweet. Little kid [[like 5 or something in GoF]]. French [[can't go wrong there]]. Part veela. Fleur's most treasured relative/friend.

K, that's all xD